Day 1

We are on route to Cholmondeley Castle for our residential. Even though we are going on an adventure, we continue to love reading.

Alicia said ‘I’m really excited and I am reading because I like reading.’

Josh said ‘I think it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be better than football.’

Mrs Poole said ‘Exciting isn’t the word!’

Jordan said ‘This is going to be the best!’

We have arrived safely. We are currently learning about fires.

Lunch soon… Lamb Kebabs on the fire… yum

Day 2

We had a great day yesterday. Activities including: fire making, shelter building, camp singing, predator (hide and seek) and an evening adventure.

Cassie said ‘I really enjoyed it and my favourite thing was predator.’







We are having another great day. We have just made our own pizzas and now we’re a wilderness trail.

David said  ‘I’ve had a fun time making my own  pizza’.


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