Walking bus

A walking bus is a fun, healthy, safe and sustainable way of travelling to school. Powered by good, old-fashioned legwork, the children and staff walk in a group along a set route, collecting passengers at specific ‘bus stops’ on their journey to school.

Besides getting the children to school on time, the children will also benefit from the positive effects that the walking bus has in enhancing road safety awareness skills among children, as well as health and environmental benefits.

All routes are risk assessed and everyone on the walking bus is expected to wear a high-visibility vest.

How it works

Parents who have signed their child/children up to the walking bus are advised to bring children to the bus stops at times set out on the bus timetable below (parents must stay with their child/children until the bus arrives). When the walking bus arrives children will be given a high-visibility vest and can then join the walking bus. At this point parents can choose to leave their child/children, or walk the remainder of the route with the walking bus to school. Once in school.

Road Safety

Before a child can join the school Walking Bus, they must take part in our Road Safety course.
On the Road Safety course your child will learn about the hazards that they will face whilst near roads and the correct way to handle them with confident pedestrian skills. The aim is to keep your child safe not only whilst they are supervised on the school Walking Bus, but to enable them to confidently transfer those skills to life outside of school.

Before they join the Walking Bus, children will be asked to watch a government approved road safety video.

The children will be encouraged to discuss the video and what they have learned. Click on the image below to watch the video:

Educational Games

We also encourage all of our children to play games on the Tales of the Road website. The website is aimed at 6-11 year olds, however the road safety messages it presents are relevant to children of all ages.

Research found that children in this age range need to understand the reasons for always using good road safety behaviour. The website therefore uses animated characters that are vulnerable to the real consequences of not following good road use. The key message is ‘you need to use good road safety behaviour or you could come to real harm’.

Click here to visit the Tales of the Road website.

Highway Code

Please download the highway code and discuss with your children.

Highway code

Walking Bus 1 timetablewalking_bus_1

START  7:45am E-ACT Blackley Academy

7:50am Corner of Victoria Avenue and Symond Road

7:55am Corner of Symond Road and Rosewood Road

8.00am Corner of Rosewood Road and Crossmead Drive

8:10am Corner of Charnwood Road and Yewlands Avenue

8:15am Corner of Charnwood Road and Kilburn Avenue

8:20am  Corner of Allworth Road and Cooper Lane

8:30am Nelson Road

FINISH  8:40am E-ACT Blackley Academy

Walking Bus 2 timetable

START  7:45am E-ACT Blackley Academyrout_2

7:50am Corner of Cecil Road and Heathbank Road

7:55am Corner of Heathbank Road and Plant Hill Road

8.00am Corner of Longton Road and Hendon Road

8:05am Corner of Plant Hill Road and Mirfield Road

8:10am Corner of Plant Hill Road and Hendon Road

8:15am  Corner of Mirfield Road and Ashdown Avenue

8:25am Corner of Ashdown Avenue and Hill Lane

8:30am Corner of Hill Lane and Ethel Avenue

FINISH  8:40am E-ACT Blackley Academy


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am pleased to inform you that EACT Blackley Academy is now operating a Walking Bus service.

We endeavour to reach the majority of students who attend E-ACT Blackley Academy and hope this FREE service will help support children, parents and families and make their lives easier.

Please complete the walking bus contract  and return the E-ACT Blackley Academy. Once this has been completed, your child will be able to join us on our daily walk.

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