Most children will have at some time a medical condition that may affect their participation in school activities. For many this will be short-term, but others may experience long term medical conditions that could impact on their education.

Parents or Carers are responsible for their child’s health and should provide school with the information about their child’s medical condition. We encourage Parents/Carers to provide school with sufficient information about their child’s medical condition and any treatment or special care needed at school, on admission and keep us informed of any new or changing needs.

A medical need is not necessarily a special educational need or disability but we work with parents and carers to make arrangements to help children to manage their condition and overcome any potential barriers to their education. Your child may need an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP).  The school’s SENCO, Miss Gemma Spence will work with you and medical professionals to create a plan. The aim is to ensure that we know how to support your child effectively and to provide clarity about what needs to be done, when and by whom.

The team at Blackley will only administer medication (including inhalers for children with asthma) that is prescribed by a GP and needs to be given 4 times per day.

Medical Needs Policy

Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions 

Click here to access our asthma care plan form

Click here to access our individual health care plan form

Click here to access prescribed medication form

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Medical Needs Leads: 

First aid lead: Miss Gemma Spence 

Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) Lead: Miss Gemma Spence 

Medication Trained Staff: 

Miss Gemma Spence 

Mr James Hughes 

Mrs Sharon Croke 

Mrs Sarah White 


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