Involving you in academy life

As your child’s first and most important educator, you are vital in helping them to become a confident, successful learner. We will involve you in academy life wherever we can, inviting you to see and share in the projects your child is working on so you can continue inspiring them outside of school hours.

We see the relationship between family and academy as two way. We promise to:

  • Provide a safe and inspiring place for your child to learn and grow
  • Prepare their lessons thoroughly and to mark work promptly, giving constructive feedback so they can improve
  • Keep you updated on your child’s progress, as well as on things happening in the academy
  • Supply reading record and home books, which we will check and sign each week
  • Recognise and reward good effort and achievement
  • Encourage our pupils to take an interest in extracurricular activities.

In return we hope you will support us by:

  • Insisting on high standards of behaviour from your child, based on respect, courtesy and consideration for others
  • Encouraging good attendance and punctuality – and making sure your child arrives at school in their uniform and properly equipped for the day ahead
  • Not taking your child on holiday during term time
  • Ensuring their home learning tasks are completed, and checking and signing their reading record or home book each week
  • Attending our regular parent/teacher progress meetings
  • Getting in touch with us if you suspect there is a problem.

Behaviour tool Kit

At E-ACT Blackley Academy we have created this bespoke Behaviour Tool Kit to help all children and adults feel safe, happy and secure. It has been made in consultation with children, parents, carers and staff. Our Behaviour Toolkit is what guides us in our daily practice.

To view please click here. 

Behaviour Procedure

Peer Mediators and Leaf booklets

We have 20 Year 5 Peer Mediators who support children to follow our values at playtimes and lunchtimes. They applied for the role and were then selected via an interview process. Our Peer Mediators wear green baseball caps so that they can be easily spotted in our busy playground. Our Peer Mediators take part in training and complete LEAFs when helping to resolve disagreements.

  • L is for Listen
  • E is for Emotion
  • A is for Agreement
  • F is for Follow up

To watch a short video on our peer mediators, please click here.

Meet our Peer Mediators


  1. Bernie Mather
  2. Charlotte Kenyon
  3. Matthew Nuttall
  4. Rhonda Alleyne
  5. Marie Dunbavin

Peer Mediators

  • Lauren McBride
  • Jordan Boyd
  • Safi Frimpong
  • Stephanie Thompson
  • Cassie Magwaza
  • Like Prince
  • Demi-Leigh Wood
  • Joy Molokwu

School Nurse – Samantha Preston

The mission of school nurses is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Providing preventive services
  • Identifying problems in the earliest stages
  • Overseeing interventions and referrals as a way to foster health and ensure educational success

Samantha delivers a variety of training sessions for parents and staff and pupils, which include:

  • Parent information sessions e.g. headlice, healthy lunches, sun protection, asthma and many more.
  • Staff training in relation to asthma and epi pens.
  • Educate children on looking after their teeth.
  • Educate children on how their bodies will change as they grow older.
  • Dietary advice for children based around deepening their understanding of looking after their teeth.
  • Health assessments
  • Child medical plan meetings 

Please keep an eye out in school, on the website and on our twitter account for information on planned sessions with the school nurse. If you wish to speak to our school nurse, please inform Miss Spence or Rhonda who can arrange this for you.


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