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Summary of Autumn 1 2018

In English, we used the text Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone to write our own stories based on the book.

We also used The Hobbit – to write non chronological reports on fantasy creatures.

In Maths, we have been reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers to 10,000,000. We used the four operations to add, subtract, divide using long division and multiply 4 digit by 1 digit numbers.

We learnt about Carl Linnaeus, Agnes Arber, Eva Ekeblad, Elizabeth Colman White in Science.

We learnt fun facts about living things eg pears, peaches and apricots are members of the rose family; peanuts are beans; bananas are herbs; 1g of soil has about 40 million bacteria; a prairie dog is a type of squirrel!

We learnt about fungi and bacteria and we investigated the best conditions for mould to grow.


In History, with Miss Perrin our specialist teacher, we  studied the Georgians and The making of America.

During our Geography lessons (also with Miss Perrin), we used 6 figure coordinates, OS map symbols and keys, Contours, scale; fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies. We wrote a non-fiction report

In Re, we learnt about spirituality and the balance in the universe

We created our own version of Hasegawa Tohaku flowers during our Art lessons.

In Music, with Mr Barrow our specialist teacher, we studied music over time.

We learnt how to tell the time in Spanish.  We listened to Spanish speakers tell the time. We played games and puzzles relating to time and wrote the time in Spanish.


In Computing, with our specialist teacher Miss Molloy, we have learnt about privacy rules, cyber bullying and stereotypes online.  We have also been learning how to touch typing using https://www.typedojo.com/  How fast can you type?!



September 2018

What a busy start to the year it has been! We have already started to work on becoming more independent learners and also had to apply for positions of Head Boy and Head Girl, Prefects and Head of our new houses. Our Head Boy is Khalid Abdilahi and our Head Girl is Remie Hamilton.

We are working really hard in class to improve our reading for pleasure and our reading at home, by reading at home with an adult every night, we are able to record it on our reading charts and then possibly win some rewards.

Children in Year 6 are encouraged to read a wide range of texts and to discuss a wide variety of narrative, non-fiction texts, poetry, plays and textbooks in order to understand that texts are structured in different ways and written for different purposes. They will have an opportunity to read books from an assortment of authors, classic stories and plays and poems

We learn new reading strategies to decode and understand extracts from texts and how to answer questions on it. We also do independent comprehension work and look at what we have done well and what we can do to improve next time.

Handwriting and presentation
Handwriting is a focus for us in year 6, as they are assessed on this throughout the year. By Year 6, your child should have developed their own handwriting style. They will be expected to write legibly and fluently, in accordance with the Academy’s handwriting policy. Also, if they want to achieve a level of greater depth in their writing, they need to have a cursive and legible style. They might still need reminding of certain rules such as – never join capital letters to the following letter!

Now we are in Year 6, we know how important it is to know all of our number facts instantly! By now, we should all know our times tables facts. Please spend 10 minute every night recalling multiplication facts.  Any practice we can get counting money, telling the time and working out time differences would be great for our Maths skills. In class, we have been trying really hard to get better at our reasoning skills.  Looking through our books, you can see that now we are much more able to use sentence starters to help us explain what we think in Maths.

So far in Maths we have been looking at place value and the four operations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is very important that children know their number bonds, times table and division facts and square numbers up to 100 as this will help them in all areas of Maths.

Class Staff

Mrs Sharon Croke Mrs Sharon Croke Teacher/Deputy Head

My name is Sharon Croke and I live with my husband Richard and our son Jack. I was born in a little village in County Wexford in Ireland.

I moved to London when I was eleven years old with my parents and siblings. I attended secondary school in London and went to University there too.

I moved to Manchester when I qualified as a teacher in 1999. I have worked in the academy for the last seventeen years. I have taught in Reception, Year one, Year two, Year three and Year Six. I have been the Deputy Head for the last four years and my responsibilities include assessment and curriculum lead.

I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that all children can achieve and reach to their full potential.  I love working in Blackley and I think our children here at Blackley Academy are amazing.



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