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Summary of Autumn 1 2018

In English, we have been writing letters and stories based on Dear Teacher and Penguin in Peril.  We focused on expanded noun phrases and adding adjectives to give detail to our writing.


In Maths, we have been finding out place value of numbers to 100, adding and subtracting 2 two digit numbers.

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy in Science. We found out how much sugar is in drinks, how germs are spread. We made the site team very cross by doing an experiment with glitter to show how germs spread – needless to say, they spread very far!

In History, with our specialist teacher Miss Perrin, we learnt about key people in the 1960s.  We learnt about Martin Luther King and his famous speech: ‘I have a dream’.


In Geography, we learnt about the countryside and the definitions of a hill, field and a valley.  We used compass points to give directions and created a map of the use of our field.

We learnt about kindness in RE and read about The Good Samaritan.  We wrote our own version of the Good Samaritan story.

In Art, we created different optical illusions using op art techniques.

During our music lessons with Mr Barrow, our specialist music teacher, we listened to Peter and the wolf to see how music can be used to create different moods and effects and to communicate ideas.

In Computing, with our specialist teacher Miss Molloy, we have been learning about computer safety and how we treat the computer equipment we have in school.


Week Beginning 8th October 2018

This week we started a new text called ‘Penguins in Peril’. It is all about some pesky cats that hatch a cunning plan to capture a penguin. We had some strange visits to the year 2 classroom!

Look out for where the cats might have been on the playground!

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting 10 and multiples of 10.

In science, we learnt how germs spread by putting glitter on our hands and seeing how far the glitter spread- much to the horror of the site staff!

Spellings for the week are on class Dojo.


Week Beginning 1st October 2018

This week in English we have written our own letters based on the letters from ‘Dear Teacher’. In Music we have been continuing to look at a musical version of ‘Peter and the wolf.’ In RE we have continued to look at different ways in which we can show kindness.

Week Beginning 24th September 2018

In English we created a text map to help us recognise the features of a letter. In Maths we have used objects to help us add numbers together and have looked at fact families. In Geography we have continued learning about the countryside. Our keywords are: hill; valley; forest; wood; North; East; South and West.  

Week Beginning 17th September 2018

Our new focus English text is ‘Dear Teacher’ by Amy Husband. We have looked at the features of the letters included in the story. In Maths we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s.

Week Beginning 10th September 2018

This week in English we have written our own version of our focus English text ‘A lion in the meadow’. In Maths we have been recognising different amounts of objects and then comparing them using < > and = signs (less than, greater than and equal). We have also met the specialist teachers who will be teaching us history, computing, music PE and art this year.

Week Beginning 3rd September 2018

A massive well done to all of the children! They have settled well into Year 2 and are eager to start their learning journey with us.


  • Reading every night (for at least 10 minutes). Parents to question children about what they have read and fill in comment on reading record.
  • Reading books to be brought in every Tuesday to be changed. These will include 2 banded reading books and a reading book of the child’s choice to promote reading for enjoyment. 
  • Spellings to be given out and tested weekly.


Class Staff

Miss Maria Koser Miss Maria Koser Teacher



Mrs Alisha White Mrs Alisha White 1:1 Teaching Assistant




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