FREE Parenting Support Workshops from Family Learning 


Click here for FREE Parenting support workshops from family learning 

These workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to discuss parenting issues around your children’s behaviour. They will also give you a taste of what we cover in our full courses.

So, if you find yourself asking:

  • How can I get my children to listen to me without nagging?
  • How can I communicate with my children so I’m not shouting or bribing them?
  • Why is s/he having another tantrum/meltdown?
  • Why can’t my children get on with each other instead of constantly arguing?

Then, come along to these workshops where you will have an opportunity to learn some practical strategies to support you and your children.

The dates for these workshops are:

  • Wednesday 5th May at 10 – 11.30
  • Thursday 6th May at 10 – 11.30

Quotes from previous learners: 

Lynn: It’s great to have a forum to be able to ask questions and get instant advice and feedback from the tutor and other parents. 

Eraldo: Virtual face to face is so much better than googling or reading as there is no feedback on how we’re doing. It’s great to have something like this where the tutor doesn’t just impose her way of doing things and gently guides us. 

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