Can you hear that? Water lapping at boats, sails flapping in the breeze and excitement building for our Think Big residential with the United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA)! 

This year, E-ACT is offering every Year 5 and 6 pupil the opportunity to take part in UKSA’s residential water sports programme on the Isle of Wight, without charge to their families. 

As before, our pupils will have the opportunity to visit a different part of the world, try something new and build on important life skills. 

Furthermore, through the ongoing COVID-19 situation, UKSA have put every precaution in place to protect all of those visiting and taking part in their residentials. 

This year’s trip dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks. 

Exciting activities 

Set on the beautiful Isle of Wight, UKSA’s waterfront base gives pupils access to a range of exciting activities with qualified instructors. 

Over the course of their three-day residential trip, our pupils will improve their confidence in the water as they try out activities like kayaking, paddle-boarding, dinghy sailing and keel boating. As well as exciting water sports, they will also get to take part in other activities like crabbing or archery by the sea with their classmates. 

About UKSA 

UKSA has over 30 years’ experience in educating and training young people. As the leading provider of sailing and water sports activities in the UK, UKSA is passionate about getting young people out in the great outdoors to learn new skills whilst enjoying an active school break. 

More information 

We will soon be sending parents and carers more information about the residentials including a comprehensive guide and details of our virtual parent and pupil information sessions.  

We will also be detailing the comprehensive measures that UKSA have put in place to ensure that our children remain safe during thongoing COVID-19 situation. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch with us. 

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