Hits Radio’s Mission Christmas is here to make sure that children living in poverty can have a great Christmas.

Some families were already struggling to make ends meet, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic has pushed even more into poverty. For so many people this year Christmas is a luxury they can’t afford.

Here at E-ACT Blackley Academy, we decided to help this cause and asked pupils and staff to donate new and unwrapped gifts that are suitable for children and young people aged 0 to 18.

A huge amount of donations were dropped off in order to make someone’s Christmas. Thank you so much for everyone’s kind donations.

Below are some of the images we captured of how many gifts we managed to donate and some of our pupils taking the gifts to the drop off point.

If you would like to help donate over the holidays, you can view the Hits Radio Fundraising Pack below.

Mission Christmas Fundraising Pack 2021

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