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Brain Tumour


Mrs Poole
Mrs Croke
Miss Hilton
Miss Sheffield 

Total amount raised so far £803.91


“We had some gifts donated to us by one of our parents for us to raffle and raise money for our charity BTR. We sold the tickets to our Year 6 children and some of the staff. We raised £74.”- Angela Poole

Well done to Marie Hughes who won the raffle prizes above

June 21

Chocolate Hamper
Sponsored Walk
Wear Yellow Day
Bucket Donation for Walk

Total raised £199.32

May 21

Wear Green Day

Total raised £12.87

April 21

Wear a Hat Day 

Total raised £179.40

March 21

Football Scratch card 

Total raised £40.00

December 19

Tuck Shop
Football Tickets
Christmas Fair
Christmas Jumper Day

Total raised £184.04

October 19

Halloween Disco & Summer Fair 

Total raised £104.78

February 19

Raffle Tickets 

Total raised £73.40

January 19

Ziggy our uniform supplier has kindly offered to donate £10 to each charity! We couldn’t thank him enough


Visit from Brain Tumour Research
Neil and Alex Taylor

The children took part in an activity using jelly brains and Maltesers which represented a tumour. They had to use straws to try and remove the ‘tumour’ whilst causing as little damage to the brain as they could. They said that they found it really tricky to get the Tumour out and it made them realise how delicate the brain really is.

“We spoke to the pupils about Brain Tumours and one of the vital treatments is brain surgery. We wanted to show the children how delicate the brains are by allowing them to have a go at brain surgery! Small pieces of chocolate were inserted into jelly shaped liked brains and the children used plastic knives to try to remove the ‘tumours’ without damaging the jelly. We explained to the students that this is a very difficult task for brain surgeons who need to be extremely careful when operating on the brain. Any slight damage to our brains can cause injury affecting our speech or balance or even personality.”

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