Our vision

By the time your child leaves E-ACT Blackley Academy at the end of Year 6, it is our intention that they will be:

  • Secure in their ability to relate to their peers and to adults
  • Able to apply their learning to different contexts, drawing on the knowledge and skills they have acquired across the whole curriculum
  • Confident in taking the initiative in their learning and in their engagement with others
  • Resilient, thoughtful and adaptable, on their way to becoming an inspired learner
  • Passionate about their learning and eager for new experiences
  • Highly literate and numerate – and able to transfer these skills to new contexts with confidence
  • Able to articulate their views clearly, both speaking and in writing
  • Well-equipped to become leaders in their new Academy community
  • Able to use ICT (information and communication technology) with confidence in all areas of their learning.

Our values

At the heart of E-ACT Blackley Academy lay our core values, which we believe will aid in boosting the aspirations and achievements of our young people.

It’s important to us that our pupils:












Our values posters were designed by our children, and are used as a tool to remind all children and adults of our values.

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