Welcome to Year 6.

Wow! What a busy start to the year it has been! We have already started to work on becoming more independent learners and also had to apply for positions of Head boy and girl, Prefects and Head of our new houses – we cannot wait for all that responsibility and to find out which teachers will be in our houses too!

We are working really hard in class to improve our reading for pleasure and our reading at home. Our class author this term is Antony Horrowitz and everyone really enjoys the different types of writing he does.

Our class novel is ‘Granny’ and we have also looked at ‘Stormbreaker’ and created spy gadgets to be just like James Bond.  By reading at home with an adult every night, we are able to record it on our reading charts and then possibly win some rewards.

Autumn term:

In the first half term, we focused our English learning around the story of Wolves in the Walls.  It was great and quite scary too!

As well as reading it and writing our own version, we also created our own fantasy creatures and wrote non-chronological reports about them. We worked really hard to improve our presentation too – don’t you think our writing looks good?

In Maths, we have been trying really hard to get better at our reasoning skills.  Looking through our books, you can see that now we are much more able to use sentence starters to help us explain what we think in Maths.

Oghosa said, “I definitely feel more confident to explain why something happens in Maths now.”

Up until Christmas, our new topic is Africa. We have started to look at the continent and where in the world it is located.  Already, we can locate many of the countries that make up Africa and in our Geography lessons, we have found out so many more similarities and differences than we thought there would be between this faraway place and our country and city of Manchester.

We are looking forward to finding out more about the places and people and also looking back through time to find out about countries in Africa in ancient times like Benin.

Roald Dahl Day

On the 13th September it was Roald Dahl day, but this year was extra special because not only was it his birthday, it was also 100 years since he was born, so we had to make sure we had a big party to celebrate.

Everyone dressed up in their favourite Roald Dahl character costumes and in Year 6, we did a lot of our work around ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ This meant our work made us really hungry because we had the chance to design our own chocolate bar and write descriptions of what it would be like to be around all that scrumptious chocolate. Everyone definitely wanted their lunch that day!

“It was amazing because I liked making my own flavour chocolate,” Josh.

We ended the day by watching a live broadcast which included how to draw in a similar style to Quentin Blake.

Charlotte’s Web

On the 20th September the children watched a production of Charlotte’s Web in the school hall.  This was a great opportunity for the children to experience. After the production, the children wrote character descriptions about the different characters in the production.

World Maths day

On Friday the 15th October, we celebrated World Maths Day. We dressed up in clothes that had a Maths theme. This could be anything: numbers, patterns or shapes.

In class, we did everything linked to Maths. We worked in groups to solve problems like how many different varieties of ice cream flavour scoops there would be for a cone and find out what was the least amount of jumps that could be completed by a frog trying to make it to the other side of the pond.

Finally, we played lots of Maths games to help improve our fractions, decimals and percentages.

“I love Maths so this was a great day!” said Oghosa.

Autumn 2

This half term we have looked at the narrative The Lost Happy Endings by Carol-Ann Duffy. We have used this book to help us write a narrative from a familiar setting. We planned to change the conclusion of the story when we wrote our own endings and we were all very proud of the results.

In addition to this, we went onto do some persuasive non-fiction writing and because the villain in the story was no more, we had to create a brand new villain and apply for the new role.  Instead of being the best at everything, we had to pretend to be really evil, nasty and unreliable – it was lots of fun.

Growth Mindset Week

Week beginning 7th November was growth mind-set week. We explored what a fixed mind-set is and what a growth mind-set is.

The Year 6 challenge was to become engineers and build a bridge using nothing but paper which had to be strong enough to hold and support a can of fizzy drink.  At first this appeared to be impossible, but after lots of planning and a good use of our growth mindsets, we managed to meet the challenge, even though it still seems quite impossible now.

“It was so hard but the team worked together to help achieve the challenge,” Calum.


On Friday 9th December the children watched Aladdin in the school hall. This was yet again another amazing experience for the children and they loved every minute of it.

“It was really fun and it made me laugh out loud,”  Joshua.

Manchester City Event:

As a special reward for all our hard work in Year 6, five children from our class were chosen to go to the Ethiad Stadium to be ball boy and girls at an under 21 football match. The children who were chosen to attend were so excited and could not wait to go.

When they returned to school the next day, they were all so excited to tell everyone what had happened.

Kyle said, “It was brilliant and I cannot believe I was chosen for such a great event.”

Millie said, “It was really cold but I really loved every second.”

New School Field Opens:

As an extra special treat, Year 6 were fortunate enough to be invited to the opening of our new school field and forest school. We were told there would be special visitors, a game of football and hot chocolate so we were all really excited.

As well as visitors from other local schools and important people from throughout our Academy, we were lucky enough to have Alex Williams, the first black goal keeper who played for Manchester City in the 1980s.

“He was really kind and funny,” Holly (Year 6 Allen), who was one of the lucky people to show him around.

After showing the visitors our new attractions and seeing how we might use the new field in the future, we watched the first football match to be played on our new AstroTurf pitch.  It was just like watching a Champions’ League match with traditional ceremonies before and after the match.

“It was amazing and I was so happy they got medals and trophies at the end,” Millie Leiver (Year 6 Allen)

“It felt good to play football in front of everyone.  I am really proud,” Igor (Year 6 Allen)

E.A Extreme Dance Team:

Children from Year 6 make up a large part of the E.A Extreme dance group which this term went to a dance festival in December. Due to their hard work and dedication, they came away with a range of medals and certificates.

Derian described the team as dancing like they had never danced before and Lydiah was so proud of herself and her gold medal.

We are proud of the whole team for trying their best and working hard! Congratulations!


Now we are in Year 6, we know how it is important to know all of our number facts instantly! By now, we should all know our times tables facts. Please spend 10 minute every night recalling multiplication facts.  Any practice we can get counting money, telling the time and working out time differences would be great for our Maths skills.

Handwriting and presentation:

Handwriting is a focus for us this term, as they are assessed on this throughout the year. By Year 6, your child should have developed their own handwriting style. They will be expected to write legibly and fluently, in accordance with the Academy’s handwriting policy. Also, if they want to achieve a level of greater depth in their writing, they need to have a cursive and legible style. They might still need reminding of certain rules such as – never join capital letters to the following letter!


  • Children in Year 6 are encouraged to read a wide range of texts and to discuss a wide variety of narrative, non-fiction texts, poetry, plays and textbooks in order to understand that texts are structured in different ways and written for different purposes. They will have an opportunity to read books from an assortment of authors, classic stories and plays and poems.

Each term, we have a class author and we read many of their books.  In Year 6 we will be looking at the authors David Walliams, Tom Palmer, Antony Horrowitz and more!

  • Each week, we learn new reading strategies to decode and understand extracts from texts and how to answer questions on it. We also do independent comprehension work and look at what we have done well and what we can do to improve next time.
  • They will complete book reviews, giving reasons for their opinions and making comparisons with other texts.
  • Children will be reminded to check their reading makes sense, discussing their understanding of the meaning of certain vocabulary as they read. They might also be encouraged to ask questions about the text to further develop their understanding of what is going on and draw inference about character actions, speech or motives, providing evidence. Inference involves using the clues in the story or picture to make a good guess. It involves figuring something out which isn’t fully explained and draws on a child’s existing knowledge of the world.
  • They will also be encouraged to make predictions based on what they’ve already read, summarise key points to show good comprehension and look out for interesting phrases that authors use.
  • Don’t forget to read at home every night. If you read regularly with an adult then you will be able to take part in our class competition to see who has read the most over the half term.
  • Please make sure they are recording the number of pages that they have read and are writing something about that section, in their green reading journals. Allow your child access to a dictionary so that they can check the meaning of words which they cannot work out themselves (there are free ones online).Parent Information.
  • Homework will be set every Friday and is expected to be back in school the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to complete homework on time. If your child is struggling with anything, they should ask a teacher for help – that is what we are here for!
  • PE kits are needed on a Thursday and a Friday so please make sure they are in school.
  • It is also very important to make sure they have plenty of sleep and early nights.

Spring Term

In English this week we have been working on the book The Dragon Machine, writing character descriptions about George the main character and also creating our own setting.  In addition to this, we have also been improving our sentence work by getting better at using subordinate clauses.

In Maths we have been working on fractions and decimals.  We did some tricky division problems and are now getting better at being able to turn fractions into decimals and vice versa!

6 Allen – Sia Davowah
Good worker:
6Allen – Minahil Rashid

This term, our new class author is Dan Freedman and his footballing tales of the main character Jamie Johnson.

As part of our research into Dan Freedman and his stories, we found all about his life and wrote letters to ask him questions and some of the class wrote his biography.

Kelvin said that Dan Freedman has written “one of my favourite books ever!” so he, along with others are really looking forward to reading and hearing some of his stories.

In our English lessons, we have been using the story The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward to help us improve our writing.

We have also used this story to practice writing new character and setting descriptions and also improve our sentences by looking at subordinate clauses and relative embedded clauses.

The whole class was really excited to write their own versions of the story and we had a range of alternative versions from Kyle with The Troll Machine to Derian with the The Unicorn Machine and Lydiah with The Hamburger machine.

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and also how to get better at reasoning. Fuaz has been trying to use the bar model to help him find fractions of amounts and he says, “It really helps me to find the answer when I draw it on a bar.”  The whole class are really getting better at finding equivalent fractions and decimals now too.

Our topic this term is called Time Snatchers.

Calum is so excited because he really likes Science and we have started to look at evolution and classification.  So far we have investigated which group we would sort various non-vertebrates into and how to sort different vertebrates and non-vertebrates into the right category as if they were taxonomists.  6 Allen has a lot of Science fans in the class so they have really been enjoying all the lessons.

To work alongside our Science lessons, we have also been reading the book Time Snatchers by Robert Swindells which is all about a Scientist and her family who travel back in time to try and rescue species which have become extinct.

On 1st February, Year 6 had a really busy day.  In the morning we had an experience of using virtual reality and in the afternoon we visited Our Ladies High School to watch a matinee performance of their musical show Les Miserables.

Using the Virtual Reality goggles, Year 6 went on a journey inside the body.  They were able to look at the nervous system and their skeleton, things that they could only imagine before this.

Esther was amazed at the Virtual Reality experience.  She said that “It was amazing and she really enjoyed it because it teaches children about places and things they would not be able to experience.  It was so interesting and a bit disgusting looking at all the skeletons and insides.”

In the afternoon, all the children went to watch Les Miserables.

Josh said, “I loved the singing and dancing. I was really impressed and can’t wait to be in a show when I am in high school.”

Football tournament:

On Wednesday 15th February, some of the Year 6 children took part in a football tournament at Manchester City.  They all looked the part in the team kits and went with high hopes as the winning team would get to play a match at Stamford Bridge.  Kelvin said, “It was really hard work because we had to play 6 matches, but it was brilliant fun and I am happy I was chosen.”

At the end of the day, the team all did themselves and our Academy proud as they came 2nd out of all the teams that were there.  The whole class was really proud of Kelvin, David and Patricia who were all part of the team.

Spring City Trampolining:

As a reward for all the hard work that the Year 6 children have been doing towards their SATs, we organised a day out at a trampoline park.  All the children were so excited and at the end of the day when they returned, they had not been disappointed.

Sia said it was “awesome and lots of fun” and Fuaz giggled thinking about the fun he had there “when everyone got stuck in the giant airbag which felt like you were climbing a mountain.”

After all the hard work, Holly thought it was “really good as you could just relax and let the fun out.”

As well as having a day of fun and relaxation, the children also got the opportunity to learn about business.  As part of a homework task, they had to think of questions they wanted to ask the owner.  They then had a chance to interview her and find out all about how the business had got started.

It really inspired the children and Millie is now more determined to have her own business designing wedding dresses and Holly was so impressed she thought if she did not want to be a midwife then she would love to have a trampoline park just like Spring City.

Over half term, all of Year 6 are now going to use all this information to design their own business and very kindly, the owner of Spring City is going to come and help choose a winning business design.

Revision Club

During the half term, Mr McCullough and Mrs Smith have kindly volunteered some of their spare time to run an exciting Revision Club for some of our year sixes from both classes to come into school and help them work on their Maths, Reading and Writing.

Next half term:

After the holiday, Year 6 will be continuing all their preparation for their SATs and also finding out more about conservation linked to their topic of Time Snatchers which they are all excited about.

Some children are going to be visiting the University to take part in a computing day and we are also looking forward to enjoying some work by William Shakespeare when a special visitor is coming in to work with us.

Year 6 – Summer term 2

This term Year6 have been keenly anticipating their SATs results. We are now really pleased to announce that all the children have done really well and we’re very proud of what they achieved.  Well done!

This term, all of the children in Year 6 will be going for their transition days at their high schools.  This will give them a chance to see what it will be like when they go there in September and also make some new friends before they arrive.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

As part of the transition for the Co-operative Academy where the majority of our cohort go, we are currently reading and discussing the text the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.

The children have really loved the story which they will continue working on in Year 7 in their high school, making the link between Primary and Secondary school.

Holly said, “I really enjoyed the story and learning about World War 2,” and Kelvin said, “I felt really sorry for the Jews in the story.”

They all thought it was a great experience to read a novel in class and they cannot wait to see the film and do more work on it next year in their high school.

Crucial Crew

Straight after half term, Year 6 were invited to attend Crucial Crew where they learnt and participated in a number of workshops to help them develop important life skills and to keep themselves safe in a variety of environments.

Lydiah was shocked when she saw how easy it was to have a robbery happen and Jack now knows that he needs to look closely for details to report things to the Police.

Everyone enjoyed the day and Igor said, “It was a fun way to learn all these important things.”

International Coaches Young Leaders Day:

On Friday the 16th of June, Year 6 along with year 5 were lucky enough to have been invited along to participate with a number of other Manchester schools to the Manchester City football grounds where they were coached by young sports leaders from all over the world. The children had an excellent time and were thrilled to take part.

“What a great day! I am really pleased that Mrs Mather helped to organise this for us, commented Esther.

Derian worked closely with the coaches when they visited us in school because she could speak Portuguese and so when it was time to say goodbye she said, “I will miss them lots, but it has been great fun. I hope they come back and visit us again soon.”

Science with Coop:

On Wednesday 28th June, a Science teacher from the Co-operative Academy came to work with the Year 6 classes for the day to discuss transition and do some Science investigating.  The children carried out an experiment involving forces which they really enjoyed.

“I learnt that the larger the surface area, the more it would protect my egg because of the air resistance,” said Kyle.

“It was great fun and I think my parachute was the best.  I can’t wait to do all the Science in high school, “ said Calum.

Leavers Assembly:

As the year comes to an end, we must sadly say goodbye to our year 6 children but before they leave us, they have planned and practiced performing a special leavers’ performance for both parents and all of the children in E-Act Blackley Academy.  The children have worked hard and cannot wait to showcase their variety of skills and talents. It will be a sad, but celebratory occasion.

Finally, as one last special treat, there will also be the Leavers’ disco which they are all really excited about.  It’s a chance for them to sing, dance and enjoy themselves just before they leave.

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