Welcome to Year 4 Poynting!

This year, we are super excited to improve our reading skills by regular guided reading sessions, an emphasis on home reading and lots of comprehension practise!

We are also trying hard to improve our maths using our brand new maths mastery scheme; we are working hard and using concrete, pictorial and abstract ways to learn maths.

We are working hard to ensure the children in our class all have a positive attitude to learning and are able to challenge themselves! – Miss Singer and Miss Kent-Brown.

Autumn 1

Last half term the children wrote a narrative from a familiar setting. We entered the classroom one day to discover a huge mess!

We set to work trying to find clues and uncover what had happened, we came to the conclusion that it was a cat called Mr.Tiddles.

We wrote letters to him and in return he sent us his book… The Diabolical Mr.Tiddles!

We focused on the skills in the book and looked at; inverted commas, writing in different tenses, different types of punctuation and paragraphs and eventually we used all our new skills to write our own narratives in the style of The Diabolical Mr.Tiddles.

This narrative fitted in really well with our topic, which was ‘Ourselves’.  During this topic, we looked at sound. We received an email from Professor Noise and carried out an experiment for him to find the best instrument for his new alarm system!

Autumn 2


In maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division facts. We have been trying really hard to use the correct mathematical terminology such as product (the answer of numbers multiplied together) and factor (numbers that can be multiplied to make another number).

We have used two equipment to help us in lessons and are becoming more creative with working out answers. We have been improving our reasoning and problem solving skills.

“I have enjoyed using the equipment” Riley

In maths, we worked on numbers. We looked at adding and subtracting up to four digit numbers and used our new equipment to show this in a variety of ways.


We looked at the features and skills that are in poems such as, onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhyme and rhythm and decided to write some poems based on autumn!

We went outside for some inspiration and discussed what we could see, hear and smell in autumn.

The poems were amazing and Emily’s is even up in Mrs Roughley’s office!

“I enjoyed going outside it gave me lots of ideas for my poem” Kalid

Newspaper report

We entered the classroom to a computer glitch and a recorded voice asking for our help!

We used our detective skills and discovered it was an alien and it was linked to our new class book, the way back home!

We read the book and it was all about a boy and an alien that got stuck on the moon. We looked at features of a newspaper and wrote a newspaper report based on the book!

We worked very hard and looked at relative clauses, subordinate clauses, expanded noun phrases and intensifiers to make our work even more amazing!

“It was creepy because we had been visited by an alien” Jay


We focused on features of instructions and looked at instructions in the real world. We followed a set of instructions and even wrote our own using everything we have learnt! We made sure we had included; a title, subheadings, fronted adverbs of time, adverbs and imperative verbs.

Class Author

Our author this term has been Jeremy strong. The children have loved reading and listening to his books; and read them in both guided and independent reading time!

“I have read Lightning Lucy. I enjoyed it because it has lots of descriptive writing.” Olivia

Growth Mindset Week

During growth mindset week we focused on the story ‘What to do with an idea’.

We discussed fixed and growth mindset and we thought of ideas to change our mindset so we are more likely to succeed. We were given difficult challenges to learn that it is OK to struggle and be challenged! We looked at the different parts of the brain and created brains using paper mache. We labelled them and filled them with ideas that we have for our school.

“I enjoyed the memory games we played and I learnt that you should never stop trying.” Emily


A production team came into school, to showcase Aladdin!

The focus was bullying and we enjoyed and got involved in the pantomime from start to finish!

“I liked when Aladdin freed the genie.” Keira.

George’s Marvellous Medicine.

We were lucky enough to go to the theatre to watch Georges Marvellous Medicine!

We got the coach to the opera house in Manchester and watched the production. We laughed so much and really enjoyed our morning!

“It was really funny and entertaining!” Tobi

Church visit

In RE we have been focusing on Judaism. Next half term we are focusing on Christianity. We walked down to St Paul’s church and Eddie taught us all about the story of Christmas. The children had some time to ask Eddie some fantastic questions and learn some Christmas songs. They were all very engaged and enjoyed the visit thoroughly.

Spring 1

Next term, the children will be focusing on a new book in English. Although we can’t give out too much information now, keep checking to keep updated!

In maths, we will be focusing on fractions and time!

Please help your child with these topics as much as you can at home as they are very relatable to the outside world.

Our new topic is Tomb Raiders, where we will be learning all about the Egyptians and how they lived!

Our author next half term is Roald Dahl. We have already done some amazing work in our English lessons for our new display so we are super excited to read and discuss more of his books!

“My favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda because we are both book worms.” Ruby

Parent/Carer information


We are trying very hard to know all of our multiples, please spend time at home recalling these with your child.


  • Please make sure your child reads every night at home, they do not have to complete the book but please make sure they are recording the number of pages that they have read and are writing something about that section, in their green reading journals and then they can colour a square on our chart!
  • Please allow your child access to a dictionary so that they can check the meaning of words which they cannot work out themselves (there are free ones online).
  • We have lots of new books in our classroom, so when your child reads their book we have a new exciting one waiting for them!

Tomb Raiders

For the start of our topic, we learnt some Egyptian dancing!

We also did some observational drawings.

We used our mathematical knowledge to assemble 3D nets of the pyramids and the sphinx.



We recapped what inverted commas were and discussed how we should read with expression and why it is important. We watched Michael Rosen and discussed why his intonation was so good.

We then had examples of sentences to read to our partner using the correct voice/volume/pace and expression.

Then, we read the dialogue we created to our partner who gave us some feedback.

After that, we used the feedback to make our performances even better.


For the start of our new maths topic, we went outside and timed ourselves doing sports activities using different equipment. We used sand timers, stopwatches and counting in seconds.

When we came back into the classroom we discussed what we had just done and formulated a sentence using the vocabulary we had just learnt.



Two of our targets on the futures curriculum are to raise money for a charity and to help the community by partaking in a litter pick. Therefore, we are doing a sponsored litter pick for a charity which currently supports one of our children who suffers with a rare skin condition called EB.

Another one of our goals is to walk 8Km. We walked 1km last week to the library and back. Today, we walked 1Km around the football pitch and we will be doing this once a week for another six weeks.

The Easter Experience

Over the last two weeks, the children have been given the opportunity to go to the local church to learn all about what Christians believe about Easter and why they celebrate. The children got to watch a story video, do some role play and dance around the church. The children really enjoyed themselves and everyone got the opportunity to join in.

Manchester City

We were visited by Bernard Halford, who is the life president of Manchester city.

We had our photograph taken with the women’s trophies and got an opportunity to ask Bernard lots of questions.


Pop project

We had an amazing time at the pop project learning about multicultural music. Some of us even had the opportunity to play the instruments from different countries!

We sang and danced to many songs from around the world and songs from different decades.

Sponsored litter pick.

Because we are focusing on our futures curriculum we are doing our sponsored litter pick when we are back after half term. Please sponsor us anything! Every little bit helps!

We have been visited by Lexie-Mae, Lindsay and Mrs Quinn who have told us about how important the fundraising is to the EB charities.


Science day

During science day we completed an experiment. We mixed cornflour with water to make a watery consistency. When any force pressed against the liquid it turned into a solid, this is called a  Non-Newtonian Material.

We put this in clear bags with an egg and made predictions about how high we would have to drop the egg before it broke.

We managed to drop the egg up to 1 metre before it broke!


Baba Yaga

We have been focusing on our new narrative Baba Yaga. It is a Russian folk tale and we have found it super interesting! We have focused on lots of skills including; paragraphs, apostrophes and expanded noun phrases. We have now started to write our own ending to the Baba Yaga story.


We went to the church to talk to Eddie and his friends about the Easter story. They told us what Christians believed to have happened at Easter and we had chance to discuss our thoughts on this.



We were lucky enough to have a visit of the baby chicks that receptions have been hatching!



We have been focusing on telling the time! We have focused on both analogue and digital clocks and even been looking at 12 and 24 hour clocks! Make sure you test us at home so we can keep improving.

Science experiment

During science we have been focusing on friction. We have conducted and experiment to see how toy cars move on different surfaces. We made a prediction, found our results and made a conclusion about what we had found out.


We are already looking forward to next term when we are going to be focusing on our new topic…

Pirates of the Caribbean! 


Welcome back to Year 4!

We are already working hard and getting back into the swing of things in our first week back after the 6 weeks holiday.

Our new topic this term is ‘Disaster Zone!’

This week in maths, we have been starting our new topic on ‘Place Value’. We carried our exploration lesson where we moved around 7 different place value activities to find out what we already knew about place value and to identify what we needed to learn in order to further our learning in this area of maths.

“I have learnt that you can take a larger number from a smaller number and it makes a negative number,”  James. Year 4 Hill.

In English, we have started our new unit in ‘Recounts’. We have started off the year writing an unaided recount about something exciting that we did in the holidays to show where we started in Year 4 and we will compare with our writing at the end of Year 4. Also to identify what skills we need to focus on to improve our recount writing.

On Thursday and Friday morning, we worked as a phase with Year 3 on a carousel of activities linked to our topic ‘Disaster Zone’ focusing on the first part, which is volcanoes (erupting volcanoes, volcano performance poetry, volcano art and volcano food). We call this our ‘topic hook’ which is the way we get the children interested, engaged and emmersed in our new topic.

“It was awesome because of the reactions and eruptions,” Bousso. Year 4 Hill

Next week in maths, we will be working on the math Mastery document looking at multiples of 6,7,9, 25 and 1000 focusing on the 3 areas of fluncey, reasoning and problem solving.
In English, we will be continuing with our recount topic and exploring more in depth the feartures that you need to include to improve a recount.
We will be starting our topic by looking at labelling the parts of a volcano.

This week in Year 4, we have been working really hard in all areas of the curriculum.

In English, we have been continuing with our recount unit by developing our skills linked to writing a great recount. We have been focusing on paragraphs, fronted adverbials of time, conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. Next week, we will be continuing to look at different skills and then writing our final end of unit recount.

In maths, we have been focusing on our 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000 times tables. We have been working on the maths mastery scheme looking at fluency, reasoning and problem solving in this area so that we become confident in using our times tables. Next week, we are moving on to recognising the value of each digit in a four digit number (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones).

For our topic work, we have been labeling the the features of a volcano and explaining the purpose of each feature. We will be moving on to look at what ‘The Ring of Fire’ is.

Both Year 4 classes are working with Manchester City each week focusing on the Fundamentals of Movement skill (agility, balance and co-ordination) with our new coach Sam.

We are also all learning to play an instrument. Year 4 Poynting are learning to play the recorder (Year 4 Hill next term), Year 4 Hill are learning to play the steal pans throughout the year and six children from each class will be learning to play the violin.

What an exciting week we have had!

In English, we have been continuing with our recount skills and planning writing our final recount piece using story mapping to help us. We have also applied the skills we have learnt to another type of recount. On Wednesday afternoon, a production company came into school and performed ‘The Loin, the Witch and the Wardrobe and we pretended to be one of the main character (Lucy) and wrote a diary entry from her, using the skills we had learnt in English such as fronted adverbials of time, adverbs, conjunctions and adjectives.

Next week, we will be finishing off writing up our recount and moving onto our new unit of a narrative from a geographical setting.

In maths, we have been understanding the value of each digit in a four-digit number, using a variety of resources to help our understanding. Next week, we will be continuing with place value but moving on to ordering and comparing four-digit number using the knowledge we have already gathered.

On Tuesday morning, we have ‘The Pop Project‘ come into school to perform their show called ‘I feel Good’ helping to support children’s well being and mental health through live music, dancing, video clips and interactive fun.

In topic (geography), we have been leaning all about ‘The Ring of Fire’ and it’s link to the tectonic plates. Next week, we will be focusing on how volcanoes are form and the different types of volcanoes.

This week in Year 4 we have been working hard in our English lessons to complete our recount. They are looking fantastic! We have worked hard to include all the skills that we have been looking at in our English lessons including: fronted adverbs/adverbials of time, conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs.

Maths lessons have been tricky this week as we have been problem solving where we have had to find the missing 4-digit number using the clues to help us.

In topic, we have been using our geography skills to identify continents on a map and plot ‘The Ring of Fire’.

Next week, we will be moving onto our new narrative called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit and in maths we will be focusing on ordering and comparing numbers. For our topic work, we will be looking at the structure of the Earth and classifying rocks into different groups according to their characteristics.

This week, Year 4 have begun to think about how to innovate a new story based on Escape from Pompeii. We have created some amazing setting descriptions about Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines using fronted adverbials of place.

In maths, we have had our first introduction to negative numbers. We have looked at using negative numbers to measure temperature on thermometers.

We have also started to look at rocks in science, thinking about how scientists classify different rocks, and thinking about some really interesting questions.

What a great start to the new half term!

This week, Year 4 have been learning about Roman numerals in maths. We spotted Roman numerals in our English book (Escape from Pompeii) as well, and looked at identifying numerals up to 100.

In English, we’ve continued to develop our own writing about Mount Pinatubo in The Philippines. We have worked very hard on our writing and have produced some excellent setting descriptions using fronted adverbials, subordinating conjunctions, precise nouns and a range of interesting verbs.

In science, we have continued to explore rocks, looking at the rock cycle this week. Ask us questions about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks!


Futures Curriculum Spring Update


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